The Mysterious Icicle


Sophomore Pepper Matthews has finally met someone who doesn’t like her.  As the story line unfolds in The Mysterious Icicle, Pepper, her best friend Heather, and other entertaining characters look for clues to understand why someone Pepper has just met is trying to make her life miserable.  In their pursuit for answers, they stumble upon a situation that is beyond their wildest imaginations.

This delightful mystery will keep you intrigued, along with engaging the reader as relationships develop between high school students.  Who doesn’t like an exciting adventure!

This book is a tribute to the Nancy Drew, Hardy Boy, etc. mysteries that I grew up reading as a child – I remember my parents taking me to the public library weekly to check out books – I was blessed to be able to take my two sons to the same library when they were in grade school! 

I also wrote The Mysterious Icicle due to requests from parents that I create a suspenseful story for older children! 

(Ages 10 – 14)

Lexile Score:  790L