Fear & Faith – Psalm 56:3 (KJV)

Last night in Herrin, I had the privilege of helping 16 precious little girls earn a scout badge.  I was asked to speak about being an author.  I was extremely impressed with how attentive and respectful these young girls were to what I had to share.

When the program was over, one of the parents came over to talk to me. During our discussion, the topic of my next faith based book that I hope will be ready at the beginning of 2017 came up.  This book, unlike my first three faith based books, will have more than one scripture that supports the theme of the story. One of the scriptures I am using in the new book, Psalm 56:3, “What time I am afraid, I will trust in Thee.” came up in our conversation.  Little did I know how significant this scripture would be to me on my way home.

Those of you who live in southern Illinois know the weather was rough last night.  As one gets older, it is a little more difficult to see to drive when it is dark – add on wind and rain, along with road construction, one’s vision becomes even more difficult. Driving along, I began to realize I couldn’t see any of the white lines on the roads.  I decided to turn on my brights hoping it wouldn’t affect other drivers – no one seemed to mind.  Of course, throughout all of this I am continually praying to God to help me make it home safely and not cause anyone else a problem (the above verse is definitely in the back of my mind). Since I am writing this, you know I made it home.  However, what I didn’t know until I got home and got out of my car with it still running, is that my two front lamp lights were out.  There is no question in my mind that there was definitely Divine Intervention on my journey home!

Getting ready for bed I couldn’t thank God enough for his protection.  Also, I was extremely grateful that I had met 16 little girls who touched my heart with their sweetness and kindness.  Their scout leaders and parents are to be commended on their efforts in teaching these young children life skills and the importance of respect. It truly was a heartwarming evening!


February 24, 2016

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  1. So glad you made it home safely..God is good..he’s there always working with us even when we’re unaware of his presence.

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