dudley's miraculous christmas


DUDLEY'S MIRACULOUS CHRISTMAS is the sequel to MIRACLES ALL AROUND US. The story begins with a joyous Dudley excited about a snowy Christmas. Tabby, a Barnett farm cat, invites Dudley to play. As they frolic in the snow, twins, Timmy and Lizzie, head for the barn to watch with their dad the birth of a baby lamb. Of course, Dudley wants to see this miraculous event, too.  While Dudley and his friends await the miraculous birth of a lamb on Christmas Day, they have a lively discussion about the Bible and the Christmas story. They learn from Dudley's mama, Maggie, that Jesus is God's Son sent to live on earth for a special purpose. 

I had not planned on writing a sequel for this book. However, on Easter Day in 2016, my first grandchild was born.  Since I had dedicated my first chapter book, THE MYSTERIOUS ICICLE, to my two sons, I wanted to write a book to dedicate to my precious grandson, Maximilian Richard Myers.  Remembering how much I enjoyed the character, Dudley - a sweet basset hound, in MIRACLES ALL AROUND US, I knew that I had to write a sequel for my sweet grandson. This book will always be special since it was my first faith based book, along with being told that its message has touched many lives in a positive way!

Dudley's Miraculous Christmas Trailer