Angels from above


Angels From Above highlights numerous memory verses that show children the loving qualities of God and His purpose for bringing Jesus into their lives.

The book follows the main characters, a cluster of young, energetic guardian angels, as they take part in their regular lessons with archangel Michael. The lessons include answering questions from Michael in the form of recited scripture verses: thus explaining God's purpose for people, His ever-present nature and love, and that we were created to fulfill God's plan in life.

What also is learned by the little guardian angels, especially young Megan, is the importance of Jesus' sacrifice and that He established a bond with God that can't be broken if we love and trust God. Her excitement over this knowledge is infused into her angel classmates, as they all realize how wonderful trusting in Jesus is for them. 

ANGELS FROM ABOVE is an enjoyable story readers of all ages will appreciate, but those who will benefit most from the book are young readers eager to learn about God and Jesus.

(Ages 5-12)

This book is dedicated to my mother. She made sure her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren went to church to learn about Jesus! 

Angels From Above Trailer

Watch this video for a good understanding of what Angels From Above is about.